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Computer Power Cables and Related Products

Power cables are utilized to transmit electrical energy where it is required to run every possible devices right from microwave ovens for domestic purpose to advanced diagnostic devices in nursing homes. The cables are made to last longer period of time and offer dependable and secured services for years without any such maintenance. The USB […]

Wire Harness Products and Their Uses

Even if you are not particularly tech-savvy,our world today is inescapably full of technology which means most of us are at least familiar with the sight of wiring. Wires are everywhere,in any given workplace or home,and can vary in size and color,depending on the function of the wire. What you may not know is that […]

Buying Coaxial Cables In The UK

Shielded network cable: This Professional Panel Mount USB Cable is an enhanced version from the unshielded twisted cable in that it utilizes metallic foil for wrapping each of the pair and then a metallic braid to wrap all the four pairs together. Double-wrap is intended to create digital signal transfer secure from various kinds of […]

Wire,Cable,And Extruded Shapes For Custom Solutions

Custom cables are cables that are specifically designed and manufactured to meet a customer’s specific applications. Each Custom Cable incorporates unique components and not only performs its electrical requirements but also works in the desired environment. Manufacturers require a full dialogue with the end customer to establish all the specific criteria needed to ensure that […]

Wiring Harness and Its Uses in Different Industry Sectors

Wiring harness as the name indicates is a string of cables and wires that is used to harness informational signals or operating currents to transmit it to their destination. They are nowadays used in the electrical,electronics as well as the automotive industries. In this article,we would deal with them individually.   Automotive Wiring Harness: Automotive […]

Why we choose USB 3.0 Cable? What is the advantage of USB 3.0 Cable?

USB 3.0 Cable-is also considered Super Speed USB–for those devices with a PC or a variety of audio/high-frequency devices connected to provide a standard interface. After just a hardware device,and only install USB3.0 related hardware devices inside the computer can use USB3.0 related functions! From the keyboard to the high-throughput disk drive,a variety of devices […]

The Good Prospect for the development of Transformer Industry

In recently years,with the repaid growth in electricity demand,power grid construction and investment in high-speed driving the market demand for power transmission equipment. Huge power transformer industry construction funds to bring opportunities and challenges. With the fierce¬†transformer industry competition,foreign multinationals to seize a large market share,the number of domestic transformer manufacturers is also growing rapidly. […]

Home appliance harness industry development status and characteristics

With the further improvement of home appliance market concentration, home appliance wiring industry have finished the market share in the fierce competition and beginning focused on the process of advantage industry. Our company Xiamen Chaohong Electronic Co.,Ltd think the household harness industry has been rapid development because of the following reasons. 1. The rapid development […]